BC Points North

BC First Nation Communities located north of Prince George have their own unique challenges when it comes to providing housing for their members on reserve.  Access to materials and skilled labour is limited and transporting lumber and other supplies can be very costly. For some of the more remote northern communities the issues are even more complex; training and educational opportunities for band staff are rarely available locally leading to expensive travel and overnight accommodations.  Attracting qualified contractors and trades for new construction is ongoing and managing otherwise routine home maintenance projects are often complicated due to lack of local tools, materials and professional resources.  

The BC First Nations Housing Mentorship Program - BC Points North will help alleviate some of this stress in three ways-

1. Dedicating a section of this website to resources aimed at Northern and remote BC First Nation communities 

2.  The delivery of FREE educational workshops directly into northern and remote communities upon request.

3. A series of printable resources aimed at improving professional capacity for northern and remote communities.

Is your On-reserve Housing program struggling? You Are Not Alone!

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