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Indigenous communities in BC face serious challenges in providing affordable, sustainable, efficient and environmentally responsible housing solutions for their people.  Elected leadership, with terms ranging from 2-4 years, often lack the long-term planning and the time required to confidently test untried solutions. Communities’ governments often run short on internal capacity and adequate funding to embrace change and have, historically speaking, generally been slow on the uptake of new technologies in housing.  But, emerging technologies can change  the on-reserve housing game; saving money, saving time, saving lives and saving the earth.

Drones are now commonly used at construction sites for surveying, inspecting buildings, taking aerial footage and community planning. 3D printed homes, able to be built in one day, have recently been introduced to Canada as an affordable and time efficient solution to growing population and emergency shelter needs.

The BCFN Housing Mentorship Program has been exploring what’s happening locally in BC with new technologies in housing.  

Centered in Ladysmith BC, Guardian FireShield has taken fire protection to a whole new level with the GFS365 through the application of smart home technology.  Smart technologies allow homeowners to control their homes from anywhere in the world; turning lights on and off, viewing security cameras, even pre-heating the oven. Fire protection provided by GFS365, is automated and smart. It is an innovative waterless fire protection system that provides precious time for families to get out of the burning home, preventing loss of life and property damage.  When activated by the presence of flames, the GFS unit releases a non-toxic fire suppressant powder and auto dials emergency services, pinning the address on the map and transmitting the exact location of the fire in the home. Learn More

With head offices in Ashcroft BC, the SAFERhome Standards Society is setting the bar for new construction by designing built environments that are safer, healthier and more sustainable long term. Through the development and promotion of universal design standards that incorporate the Saferhome 15-point solution, the Saferhomes Standards promote safer home design, independence and aging-in place solutions. Learn More

Located in Hope BC, Swepath Sustainable Housing Society has negotiated terms with a prime lender to fund tiny homes on reserve for prospective homeowners; compact and modern 1-bedroom tiny homes that cost only as much as the monthly Social Assistance shelter allowance. Learn More

With their band office in Hope BC, Yale First Nation made news when they built 2 residential buildings on reserve, the first in Canada, a 6-plex and a 4-plex. Both buildings were built to the stringent Passivehouse standards, widely recognized as the most energy efficient standards in the world. Passive House Canada is a national non-profit professional association advocating for the Passive House high-performance building standard. Passive House is recognized internationally as the optimal way to build healthy, climate-resilient, affordable, and energy-efficient residential, institutional, and commercial buildings through all stages of design, construction, and livability.  Learn More

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