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Crystal Sedore  has been working with, for and on behalf of BC First Nations for almost 30 years. 

Crystal is best known for two innovative housing projects in her community of Hope, BC; the first ever “Passive House” multi-family complexes on a First Nation reserve in Canada.   These units were constructed on Yale First Nation's Lukseetsissum reserve in Ruby Creek  and were designed to meet the rigorous “Passive House” standards, regarded as the most energy efficient standards in the world.  



Crystal has worn many hats after years of working in various band offices and she has developed expertise in a wide variety of roles.  She has a solid background in construction management, project planning and proposal writing.  She also has extensive training in conflict resolution, crisis intervention and mediation. This training has provided her with a deep and compassionate understanding of the complex dynamics of a governance structure that often combines politics, family and business, presenting unique challenges for new leaders and managers.   Her work has led her to create the BC First Nation Housing Mentorship Program; an initiative that sees Indigenous communities across the nation joining forces to share knowledge, expertise and resources, forming a network that supports and mentors Indigenous housing staff and leaders through the sharing of best practices. 


Crystal believes that understanding the processes for administering a sustainable housing portfolio on reserve doesn’t need to be difficult or confusing for newly elected leaders. Accessing funds for Housing and Infrastructure is a skill set that all new housing managers can learn quickly if they have access to the right tools; tools that other nations have already developed and are usually more than happy to share with others.



Crystal Sedore

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