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Welcome to the BCFN  
Housing Mentorship Program

Due to Covid-19,  in person mentoring is available in a limited capacity until further notice. We are happy to continue to provide phone or e-mail support.  

The Housing Mentorship Program helps British Columbia's Indigenous communities communicate and share wisdom and housing tools. We have done the legwork and harnessed the wisdom of existing First Nation's Housing staff and leadership and created this online repository for all BC First Nations to access FREE tools and templates and information to support their own housing programs.


Since 2016, we have provided phone support, free resources and one-on-one mentorship for all aspects of  Indigenous housing management.  

- Understanding and Accessing funding
- Data Management
- Evaluation
- Planning
- Policy Development
- Property Management
- Relationship building
- Construction project management
- Governance
- Public/Community Education

 and more

In 2019, we added an additional focus on Affordability, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in terms of reducing debt and minimizing our carbon footprint.

In 2019, we expanded our reach to provide services to Northern and remote First Nation communities.  Once Covid-19 mandates are lifted, we will once again be providing the Capacity building Housing Management workshops in communities.   

“We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of BC Housing through the Building Excellence Research & Education Grants Program.”

Additional funding provided by Indigenous Services Canada, NAHS Capacity and the New Relationship Trust.

We are also eternally thankful to Yale First Nation for hosting the program from 2016-2022.

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